:bif on being one twisted sister:

 " It was unreal.(Twisted Sister's) Dee Snider spit on my sister and I. It was a glorious moment, " laughs Vancouver rock and roller Bif Naked. "I was 12 and i was trying to make her smoke a joint and she was crying. I said 'SMOKE THIS' I was horrible.
"Meet Bif Naked: Petite, pretty, friendly, more tattoo's than your average biker and...talkative. So much that she's recently released a spoken word CD, Okenspay Ordway: AKA Things I Forgot To Tell Mommy. Listening to the disc isn't all hell of a lot different from talking to Bif herself: just as the segments on the CD segue from the tales of x-boyfriends, television and Quitting booze, the real-life Bif wanders verbally from the afterfrementionted reconciliation of a rock salivation to ..well, just about anything. For example:
Bif on the sin of tattooing: "I forget where it is (in The Bible) but it says you're not suppose to decorate or adorn your body with icons. But you know what? I think policies are with the times. I know they do; as long as we're good people and nice to everyone we'll be ok."
Bif on the bottle (or off it) : " I really hope people don't think this is my fucking recovery record. I don't have anything to recover from. I was a horrible drunk. Not that i drank all the time, but when i drank a lot I got...sloppy. I don't drink anymore, buts that's just me. I get drunk vicariously through other people now. I swear to God i get drunk through osmosis now."
Bif on her upcoming tour (with SNFU, Raggadeath, and Face the Pain) in support of Stop the Vilolence...Face the Music society:"It's to give kids alternative role models for other than Tu Pac or Biggie. Those guys were fucking murderers and they got murdered. Then their records went platinum because of it. i don't know, I just don't think there are a lot of people out there who are aggressive musically, but say it's ok to be non-violent. With bands like SNFU. Face The Pain, or myself, you can show that you can be aggressive, but in a positive way."
Or, Bif on her dog and John Woo movies(?): " He's three months old today. He's a Maltese poodle. He's hysterical--he bit my lip ring. It's so disgusting. I want to cut my face off, like that movie--have you seen it, Face Off?Run to the theater. Run!
And so on. Okenspay Ordway isn't the spoken word of Jello Biafra' conspiracy-addled mind, nor is it the iron man, mamma-didn't-love-me torment of Henry Rollins. It's personal, but it isn't forced. It's just Bif. Rambling on.
"Essentially it's journal entries on a CD," she says. "A lot of my lyrics for my music are exactly the same as they are on spoken word. It's kind of the same process for me; I am always writing down my stupid observations on life or writing poems. It's just like doodling in my scrapbook.
"When I do a spoken word record it's for my fans. I'm not trying to be a spoken word artist. It's just a fun thing i enjoyed doing--I don't know, my mom thinks it's funny. As long as my mother thinks it's funny i am satisfied with what i did."