:lifestyles of the thrifty but infamous bif naked:

She's often portrayed as a tough girl, but Vancouver's Bif Naked is also a fun-loving footwear fetishist. Chart tracked her down in the midst of recording her debut album for America Sony 550 label, to ask from whence this passion for shoes came.

How did your shoe collection start?
I remember one time I worked in a restaurant where the lady who owned it hated my guts. She was getting rid of all her old shoes, and she just came to me with a garbage bag and went, "Here, if any of these fit you, you can have them." There were, like, Charles Jordan pumps in there, Chanel pumps and Gucci shoes with matching hand bags. Suddenly my collection had started.

Do you wear heels?
I can wear heels. Actually, Browns at the Bay and Holt Renfrew makes platform pump right now, which is $150. They come in black leather, black print, red leather, navy blue leather, and a white satin, and it is the best platform pump in 20 yrs. If you buy the shoe, it will be staple in your wardrobe for atleast six or seven years.

What's the best deal on shoes you ever scored?
I just got it, at Westbeach in Vancouver. These shoes called Es -- you know, the skater shoes -- they regularly range from $115 to $130, and they had then on sale for $30! I bought two pairs(sic), one for my little sister and one for me. My birthdays coming up, and this new company called sheep has these shoes in Royal blue and i had my eye on those. But, ya know what? Since i got there Es, I can't honestly bring myself to get anything else because i was them every fucking day.

Are there any down-sides to shoe obsession?
I've gotten pissed off at shoes recently, because Donna Karan is selling, like a flip flop -- you know, beach shoes in really simple material. There's nothing to them. I think they were about $165, and ya know what? I walked away. I don't care who has how much money on the fucking planet, that is absolutely wrong.
( Bif Naked is a perfect size 7)