: Lunch with Bif :

David Spaner
The Vancouver Province

Bif Naked is having lunch with me but herind is on Lunch with Charles.
That's the romantic road picture opening tommrow that the sinfer co-stars in, and this day shes sitting in the Alibi RToom restaurant, slowly stirring a soy latte', cotemplating the overwhelming saddnes she felt that day her role rapped.
"I cried like a baby," she says."I didnt want to leave. It was a really wonderful expereience for me. It was like falling in love."
THe moment she read Vancouver director-screenwriter Micheal Parkers script in 1999, she wanted to play Natasham a young woman strugglining to find her voice, personally and as a vocalist.
"Natasha is just so open. I just really wanted the opportunit to pretend to be that open everyday. I was rivited by the script. I thought it was the biggest challange because her character is alot different than i am."

Bif Naked, movie actress, also seems a lot different that Bif Naked, rock diva.
In some ways, the flamboyant rocker Bif Naked --- "gruff, sexual, devious, confident, self assured" she says -- would likely be the Brady Bunch's worst nightmare. In other ways, shes a member of the Brady family.
First off, Naked doesnt smoke. Doesnt do drugs or drink alcohol, either. She buys Starbucks CDs for friends(I really like thier CDs), has small dogs ("People think i have big dogs and i really have a little maltese and a littl Bichon"), and to top it all off shes looking for a home in the staid proproety of Kerrisdale.
But before you get too comfortable with Bif Naked remember that her first priority is rocking against the mainstream, speaking out on social issues (she performed at Rock for Choice) and even her move to Kerrisdale has ultereior motives -- "If I'm the only most frieghtning thing on my block, i know im safe."

Bif Naked was born in New Delhi in 1970 and adopted by United Church missionaries.
Her parents moved from India to Narthern Manitobas The Pas("home of the trappers' festival," she says) to Lexington Ky, to Dauphin Man.(canadas national Ukranian capital.")
Juast as she was about to starthighschool, her professor-of-dentisstry dad got a job at the University of manitoba in Winnipeg.
"When my father announced we were moving to Winnipeg I was overjoyed. There was nothing but trouble in Dauphin. Junior High;s often cruel. I was bullied a lot by the older girls."
In "more cosmopolitan" Winnipeg, the reble girl went to heavy metal and reggae gigs, has a Jamacian boyfriend, hung out in a largely jewish milieu.
"I seemed to fit in there, I just found that I seemed to blend, "she says, adding that after becoming a punk rocker she considered changing her name from Beth Hopkins to Beth Isreal and, to this day, her speech is laced with Yidish expressions.
"I'm no Shiksa," she says, still stirring her soy latte'. "That means I'm not one of those uptight West Coast blond white girls. They cant relax. They panic about thier boyfriends, they panic about what they eat."
Pre-punk Naked has other artistic interests -- baller, piano and acting. She performed theater and improv and enrolled in the University of Winniped theater department.
"I didnt want to be Lana Turner, I wanted to be Eddie Murphy. He was the funniest man in the universe and he has a great jo. It never occured to me that i could be in a rock band."
"While at university she met musicians and soon was lead singer of the punk band Gorilla Gorilla.
In 1990, they decided to relocate to Vancouver.
Naked quickly established herself, forming her own lable and releasing a solo CD, touring and eventually quitting her say job in the print shop at the Greater Vancouver Real Estate board.
"I wasn't doing any acting because i was concentrating on being in bands." she says. But in 1995 she returned to acting after being contacted by movie director and Bif Naked dan John Fawcett.
She was offered a four line role as a liquor store manager in Fawcetts The Boys Club. John Wu's Once a Thief followed, then roles in Big sound and The Chris Isaak show.
Naked gives a strong performance in her first starring rols in Lunch with Charles, which costars Vancouvers Nick Lea and Hong Kong actors Sean Lau and Theresa Lee.
Director Micheal Parker is effusive about Naked's performance.
"I think she was fantastic, I really do," he says. "She loves acting and she's so incredible on the set. She shows up and wht whole sets alive -- friendly to everyone, a huge smile, a great respect for the crew and myself."
Naked could barely belive it was a rela job.
"I cant belive people get paid for playing dressup everyday. Its so much fun."
Now she's considering other offers, particularly a sci-fi script.
"I dont know what my life work really is," she says. "However in the meantime i want to make records."
She's been married once, engaged 4 times. Now her personal life is taking a backseat to working on the follow-up record to her 1998 CD I Bificus.
"It's all-consuming. My personal life's been on hold six months. But i love love. I will always dall in love. I will always be a hopless romantic,' she says still stirring her soy latte'.
"And i still want to stirr thr pot. If it's fun and funny I'm going to be drawn to it.