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 Sure was an interesting crowd that turned out to see punk/pop poetess BIf Naked's show on a sweaty August night.  Considering her as-yet-untapped commercial (not to mention crossover)potential, the hundreds who turned out to see Bif go head-to-head with Glueleg, Raggadeath and Face the pain constituted an astonishing variety of people-men, women, goths, skate punks, blacks, whites, queers, straights. Yep, this one had it all, and something to entertain everyone last one. Face the Pain led off with a well recieved, short but powerful set of hard-core hip hop culled from the album they released under there former name Genocide. By contrast, especially considering their relative commercial success, Raggadeaths performance was disappointing. Though it was terrific to see guitarist Darren Quinn in action again after his departure from Monstor Voodoo Machine, much of his best work was buried under a muddy sound mix. Having three vocalists shouting over each other didn't help the matters, despite the undeniable presence of rapper Michie Mee at center stage. Following a luke warm sendoff, Bif mounted the stage with a band that has evolved into a truly crank ensemble in the 18 months or so since i last saw her play. Alongside the tried and true (Daddy's Getting Married).Bif showcased an assortments of tunes from her upcoming second album; 'Spaceman', in particular, stood out from the pack. Most surprising however, was the fact that although it was her name on the tickets, Bif yielded the so-called 'headline' slot to Glueleg. At first i considered this a generous overture on her part, given the leggers' accending profile of late, and perhaps it was. But being an all ages show, as Bif excited the stage at 11 pm, the parents started to arrive and take there teenagers in tow. What a debacle! By the time Glueleg hit the stage, it was to play for a fraction of the audience that had been standing there just a half hour earlier. Still, it might as well have been a packed house at the skydome, as those who stood there ground were treated to a mighty set culled largely from the bands current Clodhopper disc. Leave it to Bif Naked to give up the top of the bill and still claim the night, hands down.