: Bright lights, Bif Naked :

By Mike Bell
Calgary Sun

  Saterday, September 29, 2001

   If you were worried -- dont.
Despite America's wholehearted embrace of her, despite fashion layouts and high-profile appearances on THE TONIGHT SHOW, THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOW, and POLITIALLY INCORRECT, we will never lose out raunchy rock ounk princess BIF NAKED to the cult of the U.S. celebrity.
Why? Thank the SEDIN twincs and all of thier mates.
"I think the people who get swallowed up by all of the trappings of celbrity clearly are not hockey fans, I think that's the big difference," Bif says.
"Because i belive in the Vancouver Canucks to this day. I keep the light burning in my window for that(blanking) team...that;s why im grounded."
If you need proof of other than her love of the puck, all you have to do is check out her latest CD, "Purge".
The album picks off where her 19998 breakthrough release I BIFICUS left off.
Cruncy guitars, poppy melodies, sincere societal lyrics -- its pure bif.
"Good", she says the vocalist who performs at the Back Alley Monday night.
"Thats terrific news. I wouldnt want anyone to think that i was melowing out too much or getting to hard or -- i dont know.
"I hope I'm evloving as a human and hopefully that carries over (into the music) and i hope I'm a better singer."
When the albums released in the U.S. early next yearm, ut should increase her profile south of the border.
When it does, just remember, the talk shows, the magazine layouts, the film offers -- Bif keeps it all in perspective. "Doing shows liek POLITICALLY INNCORRECT, thats just a perk of the job, I cant belive that BILL MAHER has ever heard of me, never mind her a fan -- thats insane, " she says.
"But i still hang out with the friends i hung out with 10 years ago..and the thrill of my life is singing on the new D.O.A record. I was nervous, I was totally nervous.
" I mean Joe Keithyly...that's cool.
I feel like I'm finally cool."