:bif heading to US:

Having sold 40,000 copies in Canada, Vancouver based pop punker Bif Naked Released her album I Bificus in the United States at the beginning of August.  But it's not quite the same album that came out on her own label, Her Royal Majesty's /Aquarius in 1998.

The inspiration for the retooled I Bificus came from Jason Floam of Lava Records, with whom Bif decided to work after meeting him at one of her shows in New York, and who asked her if there was anything she would like to change on her album.  The results were one dropped song ("If I"), two new songs ("I Died" and "Twitch"), and changes to some existing songs, like the recut and shorter "Lucky".  The new version of the album is out on Lava/Atlantic Stateside, and should be coming to Aquarius in Canada soon.  "Moment of Weakness" is the first Us single, and is making big waves on MTV's 120 minutes and MTV 2.

It's also been a busy summer on the road for Bif.  She has been commuting between b-stage of Lilith Fair and touring with The Cult and Kid Rock.  "It's like being in Cinderella Land." she said recently in a interview with the Toronto Sun, "because it's everything that you dream about when your are touring when your a young musician."
Bif and the band have also shot an episode of the WB's Buffy the Vampire Slayer; "Lucky" will be in the show and on the soundtrack. "Chotee", also from I Bificus, will be on the soundtrack for the upcoming Susan Surrandon movie Anywhere But Here.