*unnofficial bio last updated in 2001
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Mizz Bif Naked was born Beth Hopkins in none other than New Delhi India, she was adopted by a missionary family,they moved on to live in Lexington, Kentucky and other places such as Winnipeg and now of days bifs located on the w/coast,Vancouver, British Columiba, Canada. Over a decade of touring she has been in many a bands being Gorilla Gorilla, Chrome Dog,Dying to be violent and Jungle milk.But now she just goes by none other than Bif Naked.  She has 6 albums under her belt to date being(not including re released of self titled and cnd and us versions of I bificus) 4 songs & a poem,self titled(released twice), Okenpay Ordway:Things i forgot to tell mommy, IBificus (CND& US), and a follow up ep to her 4 songs and a poem comes and only released in Canada Another 5 Songs and a Poem and her latest labour of love Purge released in 2001. Shes also lent her vocals on cds like SNFU, and Joe Shithead from DOA and Live on release. Recently Bif has signed bands to her own lable herroyalmajestysrecords run by her and one of the nicest guys ive ever met her long time manager Peter Karroll. Her first band to sign on was Live On Release, with there hit Im afraid of Britney Spears. She has also taken on Gabe Ezra and The Way Out, and Freshbread. Shes all about variety. Bif has made a multitude of videos in her career, 2 versions of daddys getting married, tell on you, never alone, my whole life, everything, spaceman, chottee, lucky, moment of weakness, twitch, were not gunna take it and i love myself today. Shes also appeared in Moists video silver, and starred in Belive Me. She use to date Paul Wilcox from moist as well. One thing if yer a fan, you know that girl tours. She also is an amazing performer and is a must see live.Bif Nakeds trade marks are her tattoos and ruler straight bangs and jet black hair. In 2000 she removed her lip ring while shooting her lead role debut film lunch with charles ! Shes also made appeared in a film called The Boys Club playing a liquor store owner, as well she appeared as her self in Buffy The Vampire slayer , Jon Woos once a theif, and The Chris Isacc show. Bif would not be Bif without  her fluff balls of love by her side. Her dogs annastasia and nickholas. Bif also has quite a knack for fashion, having her own style. Bif loves mac makeup, shoes,martial  arts, skateboarding, snowboarding & bmx'n. This active rock star leads a xstraight edgex lifestyle and is an inspiration to us all. One would think shes done it all, but just you wait to see whatelse bif will be doing next in her ongowing career.