:satans girlfriend:
the archived years reasoning and rants
Ok so i started this page over 4 years ago, and man has it come a long way. i don't know if any of you cats remember the neon green and pink, with black widow spiders crawling across the screen, but yes i do, and i am very proud of this page, and i think regular and new viewers appreciate all the hard work, long hours and years i have put into building this site. which is why i am not tearing this site down, even though it cant live up to its up to date all the time expectations it use to. i started this page to get exposure for bif and her music that i love so much. which i have accomplished with getting over 100,000 hits since i stopped counting last year. i tried to make my site the best one available to the public with the resources i had not being official. Because i know how hard it is finding good web pages with diversity. Im glad my pages was one of the few sites who had original material, and i cant help but feel violated and flattered at the same time to see pages stealing images i have obtained and scanned. Its means my job is done, that people are smart enough to steal where there is one of the best bif resources online. for a while it wore me down that i have spent so much time building up a site based on bringing new things to fans and then have it just downloaded off my site with no credit, even more so with no one even asking. but what made me the most upset was that there were so many genuine souls such as (katherine,jess,erin,carrie,kyle,chritianna, katrina, catherine, dawn,sioux,original freak,amanda,karina,cait,crys and so many more) who have contributed so much to this site, and to see it just ripped off and put on other sites without their permission ... and as for the people who have images from satans girlfriend little do they know that i have spent over $1000 atleast on this site, buying a scanner, shit loads of magazines, unimaginable rolls of film and development fees and rare singles so i can put them up for fans on this site. it may be a picture to some, but to get those pictures wasn't cheap. as well as the copy and pasters of the world, i have the worst spelling and before stealing the lyrics ive typed out and putting it up on there site you'd think they be sneaky and spell check it, but that's ok cause i found out some ppl don't care and that's all right, cause everyone makes there own bed and has to sleep in it eventually. im not trying to pull a holier than though, im am by no means perfect. But through it all little emails and guestbook entries telling me that they really appreciate the sites content, made it all worth it. which is why even though i don't have the time to keep up with the times, that this site had a reputation for, ive decided to keep it up as an archive. now don't worry i still will be adding images and such just sporadically when i can go visit the rents and abuse there computer. so you can still send me things for fans to see @ missnix666@hotmail.com. this site is all about the fans, and what i think they would want to see being a fan myself, and it has only been up for so long because of fans. so my most intimate respect and big applause goes to all of the people who have enjoyed this site and helped it grow. 
all my love