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TV Guide: Welcome, Bif, thanks for joining us tonight.
Bif Naked: Hello. Howdy doody and ohm shanty.
Question: Hi, Bif, how did you get the name Bif Naked?
Bif Naked: Bif is a nickname that I received in Grade 10 from my friends.It's a nickname for Beth. Bif Naked was the punk rock moniker that I've been
using since I was 17 years old.
Question: Do you enjoy playing on "Buffy"?
Bif Naked: It was totally fun because they had snacks everywhere. We were allowed to eat what the extras were fed. Some of the extras we met on set even came to see us play the next time we were in LA at a place called the Roxy.
Bif Naked: Sarah Michelle Gellar introduced herself to me on the set and said that she liked my CD. I then started sweating profusely under my right armpit because I have hyperhydrosis under my right arm. I was pretty nervous because she's a Maybelline famous person.
Question: Hey, Bif babe, who are YOUR influences?
Bif Naked: When I was a kid, the first record I ever received, I think I was about 12 or 13, it was by a band called Judas Priest, called "Unleashed in the East." From there I graduated to Iron Maiden, which would eventually be the first concert I ever saw, and Motley Crue's first and second records I still own on vinyl. I have every Madonna record ever made on vinyl, and Janet Jackson's "Control" I have on vinyl. I didn't get into punk rock till I started playing with punk bands. It was like a new social and political consciousness penned up to me. The highlight of my life was when I saw myname in "Maximum Rock and Roll." That was in 1990.
Question: Do any of your tattoos have special meanings?
Bif Naked: All of them do. They are mostly religious symbols from Taoism to Buddhism. I even have a monster on my right forearm that looks like a Borneo
scorpion that has sharp-toothed jaws in the middle.
Question: Do you plan on making any more albums in the future... sometime soon?
Bif Naked: "I, Bificus" is my third record. I can't believe I was lucky enough to ever have made one. I already have recorded a lot of new material.II really like the people I work with at the record label, so I have a feeling iI'll make another one.
Question: How did you get started singing?
Bif Naked: I met these guys in my theater class at the University of Winnipeg. They asked me to come sing in their band, which was called JungleMilk. And then I went on to sing for a band called Gorilla, Gorilla, then I
sang for Chrome Dog. I became a solo artist in 1994.
Question: In "Anything" (one of my fav songs), the end lyrics, "My daddy moved us to a big city... yer smiling face..." were written but not sung. Wasthere a reason?
Bif Naked: On the American version of "I, Bificus" the last verse is edited out of the song. I sing the entire song during the concert. Also the first verse in “Lucky” is missing from the US release.
Question: Bif, how long have you had a dream to be a band? What sacrifices did you have to make to get there?
Bif Naked: I never had a dream to be a singer. I was a theater major in college. It was an accident of fate that I sang in a band, and now I can't imagine doing anything else.
Question: Hi, Bif! I heard that you were going to be at the Palace in Hollywood, California with Lit December 17; is that true?
Bif Naked: Yes, it is true, and I'm very excited. I never played with them before. I finish my tour and fly home to Canada on December 10th. We then fly tto LA for the Lit shows.
Question: Hey, Bif! My question is, what is your favorite song on the new CD? Why is it your favorite?
Bif Naked: Every song ever recorded in the history of recording is my  favorite of all time.
Question: I love you!!! Are you on tour?
Bif Naked: I’ve been on tour in the US since July 8th. Before that I toured in Canada since late February. Go to www.bifnaked.com for more info. They should have links for tour dates.
Question: Hi, Bif! I think you're an amazing and talented artist, and very,very cool. I'd just like to know, what is your favorite movie?
Bif Naked: My favorite movie is "Babe: Pig in the City." I love the dogs that talk.
Question: How did it happen, your doing the soundtrack for "Buffy"?
Bif Naked: I think the director of "Buffy" called my record label. Either that or it came from heaven.
Question: Do you write your own songs?
Bif Naked: Yes, I do. And I also enjoy cowriting. I started songwriting when I was in bands. It was always four people in a room, and everyone came up with their own parts. Also I'm a lousy guitar player.
TV Guide: Thanks, Bif, for chatting with us. We wish you the best and hopeyou come back soon.
Bif Naked: Thanks for having me. It was so much fun. We should do it every month.
Question: Hi, Bif, since you had an appearance on “Buffy,” do you think you will do a movie?
Bif Naked: I've been in movies before in Canada, "Boys’ Club" with Devon Sawa and Chris Penn, and "Archangel" by Guy Madden. I've appeared on John
Woo's "Once a Thief," and I just did a film in Vancouver. I had one day off at home and I just read the lines. I don't even know what it was called.